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The Flovatar Franchise

Become a content creator while collaborating within the Flovatar fan community. We will be updating this page from time to time. For now, here are a few creator-economy resources that will help you to get started.

Flovatar Franchise Feeds


The Flovapedia (Definitive Edition)


Assisted ThinkingThe use of a Flova Labs device to decide what to do. Assisted Thinking has proliferated in Flovan society to such an extent that "unassisted thinking" is now an offense. Assisted Thought (AT) Device Small devices that assist Flovans in all de...

Fanmade Flovatar Tools

Flovatar Franchise Feeds F.U.D. (Flovatar Universe Daily) News C-3PFLO Twitter Bot Crying Jordan Dashboard

Flovatar Community Platforms

Flovatar Franchise Feeds

Website Discord Medium Blog Twitter Instagram LinkedIn You...

The Flovatar Newsflash Feed

Flovatar Franchise Feeds

Written Press Appearances Yahoo Finance (6/6/22) DEV - Build on FLOW | Learn FCL - 5. Get a List of NFTs Living at Known Address (03/06/22)

Flovatar Club Requirements

Flovatar Franchise Feeds

Club Requirements *Anything not present in code has been amended over the course of the projects evolution and has been founded verbally and with manual support* - Flow Racer - Clothing: Race Driver (Blue/Green/Grey/Yellow/Red)- Devil - Body: Devil- Ape - Bo...