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Flovatar Club Requirements


*Anything not present in code has been amended over the course of the projects evolution and has been founded verbally and with manual support*

- Flow Racer - Clothing: Race Driver (Blue/Green/Grey/Yellow/Red)
- Devil - Body: Devil
- Ape - Body: Ape
- FloTrotter - Clothing: Basketball (Blue/Green/Yellow)
- Droid - Body: Cyborg, Robot (Grey/Gold)
- Cat - Body: Cat
- Grey Gang - See Community Representative: Must have all black, white and grey traits
- Naked - Clothing: Naked
- Undead - Body: Frankenstein (Green/Grey/Purple) Scar (Green/Grey)
- Star Battle - Body: Troll OR Clothing: Star Ranger Robe (Beige/Black/Brown)
- "Power Rangers" - Clothing: Power Ranger Suit (Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red or Yellow)
- Suit - Clothing: Suit (Black/Petrol/Maroon, Bowtie, Suit Gilet Blue/Purple/Red, Suit Leopard or Snow Leopard)
- Girl Power - See Community Representative
- Stoner - Mouth: Smoker or Smoker Cigar (Joint Hand and Bong also qualify)
- Mustache - Facial Hair: Any type qualifies
- First 100 - Flovatar Mint ID #1-100
- Astronaut - Clothing: Any Spacesuit (Future Green/Purple/Red) Spacesuit Master, Spacesuit Classic (Blue/Orange/White/Rainbow)
- Legendary - Any Legendary Trait

Community Mint Night - (Subject to change)

- Hobo (Role Assigned) - Clothing: (Underwear & Floppy Hat) Facial Hair: (Any Full Beard) Nose, Mouth, Hair and Eyes: (You Decide)
- Sumo (No Role Assigned) - Clothing: Swimsuit Sandals. Nose: Button. Mouth: Kiss. Facial Hair: Mustache Goatee Black. Hair: Chignon Black. Eyes: Standard Squint
- Pride (No Role Assigned) - Clothing: Suspenders Rainbow Blue/Green
- Police Officer (No Role Assigned) - Clothing: Police Uniform
- Cult (No Role Assigned) - Clothing: White Tunic

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