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The Flovapedia (Definitive Edition)

Assisted Thinking
The use of a Flova Labs device to decide what to do. Assisted Thinking has proliferated in Flovan society to such an extent that "unassisted thinking" is now an offense.

Assisted Thought (AT) Device 
Small devices that assist Flovans in all decision making. They are designed to remove unpredictable behavior. 

Big Dada
The super intelligent AI system developed by Flova Labs to help decision making by predicting the future. Big Dada has gradually assumed more decision making power as it proved better at producing successful outcomes than Flovans could themselves.

Devices used to store StarDust energy. There are different types of Booster that have varying capacities to store energy.

CMT (Coordinated Megaversal Time)
The standardized time used throughout the Megaverse.

The Council
This was the supreme ruling authority, consisting of high ranking Flovans, before Big Dada assumed legislative control.

Dust Extraction Device
These are devices used to extract StarDust energy from objects. 

Dust Processing Plants
Vast facilities where StarDust energy is extracted from objects by Dustbots using Dust Extraction devices. Flovans guilty of excessive unassisted thinking also have to serve time in these plants until they extract a level of Dust that’s commensurate with their level of thought deviation.

Flova Labs
The Flovan tech giant whose devices and services now proliferate all areas of Flovan life. Flova Labs’ breakthrough moment happened when they successfully developed the algorithm for Assisted Thinking.

Flova Labs Support
The voice support for all Flova Labs products and services. Support can be reached from anywhere in the known Megaverse by using the relevant extension number. The Earth sector has been assigned the extension #1216.

A member of the Flovan Space Agency. 

The collective term given to the diaspora of Flovans scattered throughout the Megaverse.

The Flovan equivalent of our own universe.

The Flova Labs Megaverse time syncing device that allows travellers on the Meta-Highway to reach their intended destination at the right time. Even small mistakes in time syncing can lead to travellers ending up at their intended destination but thousands of years (Earth years) in the past or future.

The Megaverse
The total extent of all existence within which all Metaverses exist.

The act of travelling between different Metaverses. 

The Meta-Highway
The highly complex network of pathways that connect all the different Metaverses together within the Megaverse.
The Meta-Highway’s connections are constantly changing so routes to specific destinations are also dependent on time as well as direction.
Flova Labs have successfully mapped large sections of the Meta-Highway but huge swathes of it still remain unknown. 

The Norm
The optimum decision in any situation that will produce the highest level of predictability.

An entry point into the Meta-Highway. Portals naturally appear within Metaverses in different locations and remain open for varying lengths of time, from a few seconds to some known cases where they've remained open for years (Earth years). 

Sparks of Life (aka Sparks)
Suspended animation containers used by organic life forms to enable meta-leaping.

StarDust (aka Dust)
The energy that exists inside all things and can be extracted using a StarDust Extraction device. Although all objects within the Megaverse contain StarDust, only certain ones contain sufficient levels to make extraction worthwhile.

Device that transforms organic Flovan life-forms into Sparks, enabling them to meta-leap. Transtators are powered by StarDust.

Unassisted Thinking
The act of making decisions without using a Flova Labs device. Permissable "unassisted thinking" is limited to small deviations from The Norm otherwise it becomes a crime punishable by serving time in a StarDust processing plant.

The name given to Flovans that practice excessive unassisted thinking.